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Immediate Dental Implant Placement in North Palm Beach, FL

Dental Implants are a great option to restore missing teeth within your smile. However, the more traditional process calls for a significant healing time. At Valerie A. Marino, D.D.S, we offer immediate implant placement with a guided implant surgery that allows you have to new teeth in an hour! Our periodontal office provides this service, also known as all-on-four implants, to the people of North Palm Beach and the surrounding communities.

Benefits of Immediate Implant Placement

Receiving a brand new smile in an hour is the number one benefit from this procedure. Standard dental implants require a healing time of several months before supporting restorations, but teeth-in-a-hour implants can host your new teeth instantly. Overall, implants are a great way to restore and enhance the health of your smile, resulting in a stabilized restoration that can permanently replace removable dentures. The following benefits are some of the reasons why dental implant restorations, including teeth-in-an-hour, tend to be recommended over traditional dentures:

- Improved stability and function of your smile
- Reduced swelling, bruising, and other health complications associated with dentures
- Prevents bone resorption in the jaw

The Process of Immediate Implant Placement

This innovative procedure has a few prerequisites in order to get the most out of your immediate dental implant placement. Namely, the bone around the tooth should be thick and healthy when the tooth is extracted. If your jaw bone’s density is not thick enough, you would require a preparatory bone grafting procedure and standard implants. Our North Palm Beach periodontist utilizes a piezoelectric surgery machine to extract teeth without altering or damaging the bone around it.

The placement of the implant is crucial as well; an improper placement will fail to support your restoration. Valeria A. Marino, D.D.S. utilizes computerized tomography (CT) and 3D imaging to view your dentition clearly and meticulously to place implants in the correct area. With advanced imaging accurately guiding the placement of the implant post, it is possible to ensure a proper foundation for the placed implant.

After the implant posts are carefully place and secured, your new teeth are attached to the implants via implant abutments; while implant posts serve as artificial teeth roots, these dental prostheses function as the actual, visible teeth. Proper planning with 3D imaging of the bone structure, precise implementation, and reduced healing times and can be loaded right away.

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Teeth-in-an-hour at the office of Valerie A. Marino, D.D.S is an innovative and instantaneous way to receive a beautiful smile in one visit. Contact our North Palm Beach office today, or schedule an appointment online, to learn more about our dental implant options today!


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