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Our Philosophy

Learn More About Our Mission at Our Periodontal Dental Practice in North Palm Beach, Florida

Our mission is to educate our patients and provide exceptional care for each patient in order to maintain a Healthy Mouth - Healthy Body!

Dr. Marino and her dental team take things personally when it comes to treating you, your teeth and gums. If you are happy, we are happy!

Anxiety- Free Treatment in North Palm Beach

When we say relax, we mean it! Water, juice, coffee, tea, music, blankets and pillows are all at your disposal. Our most important job is to give you undivided attention and make you feel pampered and as comfortable as possible. Dr. Marino and her team provide exceptional, personalized care for each and every patient. The entire team is dedicated to making your experience as pleasant as possible.

Healthy Mouth – Healthy Body Approach

Why should you take gum disease seriously?

You probably do not realize how connected the health of your body is to the health of your mouth. Gum disease is a bacterial infection that, left untreated, can spread and wreak havoc elsewhere in the body. Research suggests that periodontal bacteria in the blood may…

  • Contribute to the development of heart disease
  • Increase the risk of stroke
  • Compromise the health of those with diabetes or respiratory diseases
  • Increase a woman's risk of having a preterm, low-birth weight baby

That is why we take what we do seriously. Our goal is to help restore and maintain the health of the periodontium (the bone and gum tissues) so that it will not affect the rest of your body.

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